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Thursday, 7 April 2011

a pretty good birthday present...

I want to say the best ever, but I don't want to upset anyone else who bought me a present for my recent birthday (it was a decade one, so I did have some pretty good presents). This is something I've had my eye on for about 2 years, didn't actually think I would ever get it but ohmygoodnesssme look at this:
now this photo doesn't do it justice, I was getting a lot of glare from the hot hot sun, and the wind was blowing, and I was trying not to get it on the ground (and it's huuuge).
Aren't you jealous? I am jealous of me and it's mine. (That makes no sense, I realise).
This is also a well traveled quilt, having been all over the world in it's former life as a runway model (maybe not runway, maybe just exhibitions). But now it comes home to rest here in Chichester, many miles away from where it was born. It's going up in the shop on a giant hanger for a little bit until I move (hopefully soon, fingers crossed) so I can still look at it every day. Ah. So thankyouthankyouthankyou: best. present. ever.

Oh, and I haven't forgotten about the giveaway, I was thinking I would give it until Monday and then pick the winners. And I was thinking maybe I would head on over to our website and choose my favourite to share with you all. Although how on earth I'll pick I don't know. I'm liking your responses though, they are giving me lots of good ideas!


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