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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Woah Nelly (The Elephant)

I nearly didn't do this post this evening - Rachael and I went to Zumba (don't say a word) after work, and then I missed the train home and had to stand in the cold and dark and rain for an extra half hour - which would be just about ok if it was normal English rain, but those of you who are in the UK at the moment know we aren't quite having normal English rain (at least, not down South, we're not.  It's monsoon season, surely).  So by the time I got home (a bike ride after the train too, in the aforementioned rain), cold and miserable and hungry and tired I thought, I just can't be bothered,  I just want to go to bed (cue sad faces all round).

But then I remembered what it was I was supposed to be doing and the fact that it wasn't a chore at all it was something I was really looking forward to - I have loved this project,  and quite frankly I'm a little blown away by how many of you responded to the elephant cushion - thank you so much!  And awesomely, I now feel like I am a fountain of knowledge on all things elephant.  I now know about Murderous Mary (how did I not know about that before?), the name of the Elephant that Hannibal crossed the Alps on (good pub quiz fact?), the fact that Benjamin Blumchen exists (I looked him up, and saw pictures and everything.  I read about a lot of real life elephants that are painters and child minders and all sorts of fantastical things, and I learnt that a lot - and I mean a lot - of people's favourite animal is the elephant.  I mean, why not?  It's an awesome animal.  It only surprises me that there aren't more in literature.  There's a gap in the market, surely. It's time for a modern elephant story - a children's one please.  Come on, you're all creative people...

But anyway - moving on.  Although so many of you entered, there can only be one winner... 

And it's Maureen, who said:
"The first famous elephant I ever met was Dumbo. I got him on a trip to Disney World when I was in 2nd grade. I think he's hiding in my moms attic."
Maureen, I think it's time to get up in your mum's attic and dust off Dumbo.  He's an elephant, he can't be that well hidden.  Get in touch with your address at and we'll get your bundle sent out to you!

And moving on from elephants, I just wanted to leave you with the other animals that have filled my day today: cat and mouse. 

Cat is based on Big Cat, my own real life cat, although she looks nothing like her.  And to be honest, she's far too fat and lazy to ever even try to catch a mouse (even when I lived on a farm and the place was surrounded by them).  But you get the gist.


  • At 26 September 2012 at 23:05 , Blogger Flying Blind... said...

    Congrats Maureen x

  • At 26 September 2012 at 23:17 , Blogger giddy99 said...

    Gee, what a rotten end of day (cold, wet, hungry and miserable). My sad face was up before the prompt! Glad you are home, warm and safe now!

  • At 27 September 2012 at 07:35 , Blogger Amanda said...

    Oh, yes, the weather has been ghastly hasn't it. Our dog has been having walks at all sorts of odd times as I've tried to get out and avoid the rain. But the flooding and huge puddles and running water haven't been so easy to avoid. I managed to break something large and plastic off the car when I went through a flood yesterday. Congratulations to Maureen, she's won a lovely cushion.


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