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Friday, 16 November 2007

Some things I have made this week whilst I haven't been writing this blog...

well, obviously my aims of writing more regularly were slightly too high - but I say its pretty good going that its not once every couple of months any more. Give me a couple more months and I'll be doing this daily - just you wait...
Anyway, I've not been idle while not writing, I have been a busy bee. Everything else has dfallen to the wayside, because this week I decided I was going to make stuff. It was sewing this week. For those of you who know me you'll know I really can't sew, but this week I was going to give it a try. thank god I have loads of ladies on hand to give me advice, as I am sure I wouldnt have completed a single project without the help of customers, sales reps, my mum, the postman...
so, this is a makeup/ wash bag (made with the expert advice of jane the moda fabric rep)
I used sticky velcro for the fastener and then sewed it on, it was good to get the positioning right with the sticky, and also it didn't move when i sewed it, brilliant, I'm all for the easy way out...
I also made this cushion with a rose thingy on it - it's made of linen so I had to do double the amount of sewing for fear of the fray. But I like the little fraying it's done, it makes it more messy, like something I would have in my house. hang on, I do have one in my house. or at least I will once I move out of my mum's attic, big cat would ruin it otherwise, with her constant plumping up of the cushions with her claws.

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