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Monday, 31 August 2009

The cutest overlay to grace our shelves - ever.

I love this overlay. I know I'm not alone, because Rachael has threatened that one day I'm going to come in to find all the hippos and elephants cut out:
Anyway - this card is made with Bazzill Dark Taupe  (one of my new favourite colours), the overlay, alphabet stamps, detail white embossing powder, and scraps of blue or pink (depending on whether it's a boy or girl, of course)
The cardstock is cut 6"x 12" and folded in half, the overlay is cut 3 babygro's high (this is a highly technical measurement, but I will leave you to work it out.)  Fold that in half too.
Sew down the centre of the card, joining the two together.  Use an old needle, as seewing through card will blunt your needles, so you may as well start off with a blunt one.
Pull your threads through to the inside of the card, and tie off.  Do this by pulling on the bobbin thread (see here the darker one) until a loop comes through from the front.  Pull this loop out the whole way, then tie in a knot, and trim.
Cut a scrap of pink or blue, the size of one of the babygros.  Put a tiny bit of double sided tape in the centre of the back (this will hold it in place while you stitch) and position it behind one of the babygros.  Stitch all around, and tie off the ends as before.
On a scrap of the dark taupe cardstock, spell out congratulations, or whatever word you like, in Versamark.  Then emboss with detail white embossing powder.  
position on the top left corner, about half a centimetre from the top and right hand edges.  Use a thicker sticky pad, to create a little depth.
And that's it...
A x


  • At 16 September 2009 at 23:14 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Ooooh the new place looks lovely... congrats, hope you've got the heating sorted out for Winter :)


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