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Thursday, 28 August 2008

ooohhh ribbons ooooh ooooh oooh

So, who doesn't get excited by ribbons, especially when they look like these beauties that recently came in from east of india..

oh, and these too, my job is sooo good, some of these are going in my hair I think, red on blonde, i like it.

ah, so pretty.. i love this, it's so fresh looking, kinda scandinavian. I love that look.

oh, and these love birds, - imagine all the things you could make based around these tweets.

no, don't laugh at me. I just love ribbon, ok? I have saved ribbons from things all my life. I often wear in my hair a flourescent pink liberty ribbon from a present a friend gave - not even to me. I used to cry when I cut the ribbon scraps at my saturday job in a fabric shop in town as a teenager *why do they have to be cut short, i cried, keep them long, and free...* Maybe those tears weren't running down my face, but they should have been (what with that and some of the fabric monstrosities they had there) (and the fact that back then I seemed to buy anything with sequins. I wanted to be some kind of disco queen. This was the NINETIES, too.)
I love ribbon. I should stop here, before I disclose anything too embarrassing.


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