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Saturday, 9 April 2011

some of your words of wisdom please..

I made this card (please excuse the poor quality scan, I don't have my camera with me today), and as you can see it has a big box at the bottom for a greeting/ saying/ quote something. And we have tried but we just can't think of anything. Maybe we are all too lethargic in this heat. It needs to be a sentence rather than a 2 word job because the box is about 8" wide. Something funny, or punny, even. It's for display purposes, so not for any particular event, which leaves the field wide open.
Any ideas? If necessary I can add other button birds - I could add one on it's lonesome, or one flying away, or anything really. But please help with your genious birdy one-liners, I would be very very grateful.
thanks x



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