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Saturday, 17 November 2007

Stamping Caz

Today was a good day at the shop - we had the lovely stamping caz down to do some classes for us using some lovely stampendous stamps. I will show you pics later but they are at the shop and I am at home (yes, I do sometimes make it home..) The classes were both fully booked (a first, hurray!) and I think everyone seemed pretty pleased with themselves at the end. I think we're really lucky to have caz come to the shop as it is a fair distance for her (she fully admits she doesn't do motorways - thank god its all A roads between hers and ours)but she does such beautiful work.. It has inspired me so I think next weeks makings may involve a few cards. It was good to find out that our small workshop area will hold a full papercraft class, too. I'm just a little worried about Mandy Shaw's class on Monday - she has a full house too and it's gonna be sewing christmas stuff using buttons, felt, fabric, all sorts. I want to join in on that one (hell, it's someone else who's crazy enough to try making a living out of button jewellery, I gotta see this!)Oh well. Anyone who is booked in for that class - I suggest a crash diet for tomorrow, monday's gonna be a squeeze!
Hang on a mo, little cat is saying something to me. No, don't worry, she just wants a feed (she's a pig, that one). Ah well, better go do her bidding, she keeps stretching her paws up at me in a way she thinks is cute (well, it is cute, but I'm not going to let her know that).

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