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Monday, 18 August 2008

The Bubble Bag

The other day I finally found time to get into town - you know what it's like, life passes you by, you find time to go visiting in other towns - hey, even countries - but getting into your own town centre, well, you just never really find the time. But get in I did. Boy has Chichester changed. All the high street shops are represented, and there are a lot of nice boutiquey shops too. When I was growing up all it had was building societies and old ladies shoe shops - you know the kind where not even old ladies like them? It was great for a teenager trying to express herself through fashion. Charity shops weren't a fashion choice, they were a necessity (however that brown safari jacket I wore to my record of achievement evening was maybe not a necessity, maybe just a bad choice)
I am rapidly veering off point here, as tends to happen, so bringing myself back to the point I will tell you my discoveries and hence my thought processes:
1. I don't like high street fashion
2. I can't afford boutiquey fashion
3. I should make my own clothes more... from scratch rather than the usual buying/cutting/sewing/cutting again/ sewing/ wearing holey/people laughing look.
4. Where shll I start...
5. Hmmm, time...
6. okay, a bag. That'll take less time until I have my office/studio upstairs where I can lay it all out and do it properly, rather than ending up with something that looks like a straitjacket.
7. nope.. can't think of a seven.

So I went into accessorize, and saw this cute little clutch bag, or rather I thought it was a clutch, until I opened it and saw it's cool chain handle... lightbulb moment. Our jewellery making chain doesn't have to be just jewellery... hmmm. So I rushed home (or rather, walked slowly, it was one of those rare sunny days) and dug out this lovely Michael Miller fabric which has just been itching to be used, and made the bubble bag. so named for it's puffy tendency, like all the bubble skirts that are around at the moment (which I am NOT a fan of, by the way). I could call it the eighties puffball I guess, but the bubble bag it is.
I embellished the fabric with black beads and sequins, subtle, but twinkly.

Overall, I am pretty pleased. Now I just need to find somewhere to use it.



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