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Monday, 14 April 2008

3D Cards, dioramas, & other stuff I dont know the name of...

Just a quick post of the 3D card making demo I did last week - I meant to do it before now but as usual time literally - and I mean literally - ran away from me.
So, here is what I made - I think this type of card is called a diorama. I was waiting for these gorgeous stamps to come in from Just Johanna for the demo, I hads it all planned out in my head, but wouldn't you know it, the demo was on Saturday, the stamps arrived Monday. Grrr. But they were lovely when they did arrive, and I made the original idea anyway:

I don't emboss much, but just wanted something autumnal as the tree's branches were bare. So brown & gold, I loved how it turned out although it's a little flimsy what with me trimming SO much ( I got a little carried away, it was quite therapeutic actually!)
To take a look at the rest of Just Johanna's lovely stamps we got in, look here they are very cool.

And here are 2 others I made on the day:

the little tag slides in at the back of the card for your message. Its a mini diorama I guess...

If I made this one again I would check the size of the stamp or whatever I was using in the middle, as it looks a little bit dwarfed by the size of the rest of the card! But it was the first time I had made it, so for an experiment it's not too bad I guess.


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