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Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Where am I?

So you may have noticed I've not been around for a while. Don't worry, I'm ok, schoolhouse didn't do me in entirely. During the month of July I have been recovering from an op - nothing too serious, mind, don't worry, it's just kept me from doing the things I need to do, like run the shop, keep up to date with this blog (although I am sporadic at the best of times), post new products on the website, all that jazz. We've had pretty good help in the shop though, I think you'd agree if you've been in the last few weeks. We've enticed Becky back for some weekdays, as she's now in summer holiday time, we've got maggie, Charlotte, who has helped out from time to time has now joined us as permanent Saturday staff, Hermione & Sally have been brilliantly wonderful helping out when no one else could (I have the BEST customers, I defy any one to disagree with me) and my poor mum. What can I say, I think I have run her ragged. She's looked after the shop & run the wholesale side of things while me & Fiona have both been off, AND she's looked after me very well too (although her bedside manner might need some work, as the day after I got back from hospital she woke me up with a "Good, you're not dead then.") She's the one who needs a month's holiday now, but show season is coming up and she has to don her button company hat and drive around the country for the next few months. So take it easy on her will you? And if she looks a little tired, go get her a cup of coffee and next time you see me I'll give you the money for it.
And as for me, I am officially starting back, so over the next few weeks I will be seeping slowly back into your lives, like tea from a teabag, give me a little time and I'll be up to full strength. Did I really just describe myself as a teabag?
Oh dear...


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