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Saturday, 9 February 2008

some quick pics to show you I haven't been idle...

I just thought, while I have a little bit of time (which could be otherwise spent sleeping, but I like to prioritize) that it would be nice to show you some of the things I have been doing lately. Some of the buttoncompany work that is taking up my every waking and sleeping moment.

So this is the new picture for the baby girl theme bag...

this is bright eyes...
we have new one too, called peacock feather, which is all teals and hot pinks and greens but I am once again having problems uploading pictures to blogger. grrr... blogger, I am shaking my fist at you, if you can see me.

Anyway, its only 1 week to go before the big trade show. I have a couple of shipments of the stuff we don't make probably not going to make it in time, or if they do they will get here the day before - and then I still have to dye all the new colours. Anybody got any ideas about how to stretch my day? I'm sure there's a drug out there that'll keep me awake 24/7. I'm nearly at that point, seriously. But it's one week and counting. One week until I can climb into my bed (scooting all the buttons to one side - I have been using my bedroom as the photographic studio and my bed ends up as button storage!) and not have to worry about all the work I have still to do. Cos if it ain't done then, it ain't gonna get done. (Don't tell mum that yet, she is still optimistic about the amount of hours in my day).

On the shop front, everything has really picked up since christmas. I think word has finally got around and we are starting to if not yet break even then show signs that one day we will. The spring class list went out too, last week, and a lot of classes are already full up! Last time I think everyone was a little dubious about our ability to teach them anything, now they are embracing it wholeheartedly! I will put the class list up on the website if I have a moment, but it's not looking likely until after the show.

ooh look, I think blogger heard me, look what just turned up - this is peacock feather. I had to doctor the image somewhat to get the colours right - they still aren't as vibrant as they are in real life. And in doctoring the colours I lost some of the nice composition that the original had.
I just did it again didn't I? - Lots of my customers in the shop keep pointing out that whenever anyone looks at any of my work I have a bad habit of pointing out the faults in it. So I apologise, ignore what I just said about the photo.

PS I thought I'd draw a little picture about how I am feeling right now. The black under my eyes are the bags - huuuuge, my hair is misbehaving and on that note I am now going to bed.
night night x


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