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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

24th October 2009

I always seem to post things after the fact, especially when it comes to our 'schoolhouse' event days.  So for once I am going to do things the right way around (although, my tummy is rumbling and i may have to pop to the kitchen for a slice of toast first.)
Ok, done that (am feeling much better for it, thank you for asking, my tummy isn't disturbing the street anymore.)
So where was I?  Oh yes, schoolhouse:  A day of classes, yummy food, meeting new friends and old, cakes, goodie bags... I think I haven't left anyone out.  And it's all right here in Chichester.
Yes, Chichester.  Ha ha.
Teachers include - Debs Winrow of the fabulous Delish Designs, Carolyn Forster - she of Quilting on the Go fame, Amanda Fowler (that's her in the pic above, doesn't she look nice?  And she's pretty clever too), & the funtastic (i can't believe i just made up such a nerdy word) Sue Allan (go look at her clever stuff she makes under the name Sew Sister).  And there are more besides.  You can choose 4 classes out of 8, and it's all, everything included, for £65.
There you go.
Oh, and this last pic is because i promised Amanda I would blog her needle felting class, which was a couple of weeks ago now (sorry about that, been a little busy, and my blogger has turned itself onto Russian which makes it hard to log onto).  But, here is one of the things made on that class - and how, how fun and cute are all of them?  
My personal favourite I think is the psychedelic one at the back, although the rest of you, don't get jealous, I think you are all equally special.


  • At 3 November 2009 at 14:12 , Anonymous Tracey Lea said...

    Love your blog - I too want to start my own craft shop locally in Liverpool and your account is an inspiration. Wishing you & your mum continuing good luck!

    kind regards

    ps: ordered some lovely fabric from you a few months ago which I have used in my quilt making


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