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Monday, 11 April 2011

And the winners are...

Before I announce the winners I thought I would share with you my favourites (it's only fair, I made you do it, now I should take my own medicine too, no?).I tried to narrow it down, honestly I did. But there are so many that I have had my eye on for specific projects, and so many that have always been firm favourites (thank heavens we sell out of things, if I was to go back into the archives I would never be able to pick.)
But I have narrowed it down to 2: The current echino range in the lightweight linen, the Rondo Stripe. This is the perfect width for pillowcases, which is my current easy sew quick fix item. Who wouldn't want to open their eyes in the morning and see some echino? yup. Just to prove I do actually make some things, here it is:
(not a great pic, but you get the gist..)

The other favourite at the moment is the Melody Miller Ruby Star Rising range - I love the teacups and have a skirt made out of the grey (mustard pockets, gotta love it), I have plans to make a lampshade out of the vintage ladies in ochre, and also have plans to make an ipod case from the transistors. Seriously, they are just a touch smaller than an ipod or iphone, so with a little border it will totally do. And how many would you get out of a fat quarter? Now that's value for money... if only I had a business selling ipod cases.
I realise that that is not one fabric, but a complete range, but I don't care. It's my favourite.

Also, and I have to totally apologise to all of you for this, but I realised how much we have that isn't actually online. Oops. I guess I didn't get around to a whole chunk of them. Well, when the new website (nearly there...) is done I will endeavour to get every fabric online. For real. I have already begun with the photos.

And now, (will she ever stop babbling, I hear you say, and announce the winners?)

The winners are Dearest Jackdaw, Fruity Loops, and Harrysmum - email me ( with your addresses and I'll send out your scrap bags!


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