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Monday, 26 November 2007

10 days in a shed in Bath. Wish you were me?

The time is fast approaching to get out my long johns, to wrap up warm and get into the Christmas spirit.
Really? In a SHED??!! Yup. Until this year I have never associated christmas with sheds. It's gonna be cold, but I reckon a lot of fun. Look at it, it looks so pretty! It's mainly the buttons that we are taking, but I'm sneaking in a few other things, like some lovely papers, my amy butler patterns, and other lurvely things. I'm going to try making up some button jewellery to sell made up as well as the kits - haha i think i'm gonna need some fingerless gloves!
So Mum'll be looking after the shop in my absence, go in and say hello to her, she likes company. I dont think she'll know what to do not being able to just wander off and see people. Mum spends her days running from one person who needs her to the next, so maybe during this time they'll have to come to her... she may even find time to encourage her fledgling crafty side. This year has been such a learning curve for me - not just with the shop but finding out all about my mum and her secret sewing skills. Who knows what I'll come back to find? (Hopefully the quilt she is making me for christmas!) Just don't expect any entries in here til I get back. I've told mum how to log on to write in this but nothing has appeared so far. Not that I'm one to talk with my few and far between entries... I looked today on my listing in the Crafty Blogs site. I'm LOW! But it's nice to know that there's at least a couple of people out there..... i think.. unless it's my mum trying to log on.
The best thing for me about this whole 10 days in a shed thing is that some of my best friends live in the bath area, so I get to see loads of them! hurrah!
Anyhow, gotta go and pack.. if you are anywhere near the bath vicinity get yourselves down there, say hello, come and make some button jewellery with me.

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