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Monday, 18 April 2011

Ah, April, how sweet you've been thus far...

A weekend away in Wales with some of my favourite people in the whole world. Despite a weather forecast of rain, we had blue blue skies, and a hot gorgeous sun. (Although we had all packed for the cold and wet..) We were in the middle of nowhere, being shown around by a wise old sage of a dog. Bliss. This was one dog that knew what he was about. You could ask him anything and he would tell you the answer, like a magic 8 ball. And I'm not even a dog person.

It was like the land that time forgot. Nothing and no one for miles. We stumbled across this old car at one point, what a perfect set for some photos.
With bluebells starting to appear out of the depths, a week later and this lush green will be all blue, I would love to go back with my camera, but it is a little far for a few photos. I will have to hunt out a place near me. A friend has asked me to take pics of her kids in a bluebell wood somewhere so I will have to find a good spot. Anyone have any ideas in the West Sussex area?
Staying in a converted barn on a lovely smallholding with a host of friendly animals. Hello piggies, it was good to meet you. You may have been a little smelly and fussy with your food (who knew?) but you made for some good company.
And a good chance to see the baby quilt I made a month or so back put to use. I only have really bad photos of it but I was proud of it, so you'll have to put up with the badness of the pic and only being able to see one close up detail. Most of the fabric is My Happy Nursery by Cloud 9, and the appliques were hand drawn based on this print.
And quick note to self: Everything is funnier when done with a fake moustache. I'm not sure how much my friend would appreciate this photo being posted, but you can't tell who she is, can you? I have other, funnier photos, but I'm not sure how everyone would feel with their odd facial hair being posted on the world wide web. I will have to ask for future reference. [side note: one thing you may not know about me, I love moustaches. The jauntier the better. The mexican birthday surprise for my friend was merely a reason for me to fulfil my moustache fantasies. Ahh...]
Oh, and Harrysmum, I'm still waiting for you to claim your version of the below.


  • At 18 April 2011 at 22:59 , Blogger Flying Blind... said...

    The woods up behind Chestnut Tree House, Poling are always beautiful, it looks like miles of blue carpet when the Bluebells are all out.

    You chose a fantastic weekend for your trip!

  • At 20 April 2011 at 19:47 , Blogger Mini said...

    If you take the fire station roundabout exit out of Chichester along St Paul's Road toeards Funtington, there will be a beautiful carpet of bluebells in the woods before you reach Fishbourne.
    Sue x

  • At 26 April 2011 at 20:27 , Blogger Lindy said...

    Slindon Woods have a lovely Bluebell area, perfect for pics xx


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