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Friday, 17 August 2007

Finally open!

I haven't written for a while - but I guess thats because I have been soooo busy because last tuesday we finally opened the doors to The Eternal Maker. I am so pleased with the response we have had - everybody has been saying that its about time chichester had a shop like this. We have tried to make it feel welcoming, and everyone has said how nice it is. It's nice when you feel you have succeeded.
Well, not succeeded yet. Our main problem is getting people in the shop. We aren't in the centre of town, and when we took flyers to the market in chichester we had a phone call from the council saying we weren't allowed to advertise there (boo, chichester council, boo) and advertising in newspaper (which we have done) is so expensive. And let's face it, we spent all our money filling the shop with lovely things!
Our ethos for the shop was to fill it with abit of everything - enough for people to do things with, not too little, but then when people ask for something else, if enough people ask, well- we'll get it in for you. At the moment we have a lovely range of paper (as you might guess, I love paper) fabric, rubber stamps, inks, cardmaking supplies, BUTTONS!!!, ribbons, haberdashery, silks, stitchery, oooh, lots.
The next step seems to be embroidery as chichester seems to have a large contingent in the embroiderer's guild. So any advice, people, once more we have no idea!!

Oh, and look at our stained glass window - my mum bid and lost against our landlord for this window 15 years ago in an auction at chichester market. Now we have it! I keep telling mum thats it's quite a long way to go to get it, opening a shop just for a window. but it certainly is beautiful.

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