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Friday, 14 December 2007

Back from Bath and ready for Christmas... well, the first bit is true.

Hello my lovelies I hope you haven't missed me too much! I am back from my shed in Bath - and loving the warmth and dryness that we all associate with having 4 walls and a roof over your head. And a heater.
Actually I had 4 walls and a roof. Although they were all wooden and one of the walls had a great big hole in it through which to sell my wares. And to see out of. To see the rain, the hail, the gale force winds... I kid you not, Bath was enjoying particularly seasonal weather for the 2 weeks I was there. The day I left, the day after the market finished, you can probably guess that the weather was beautiful - blue skies, sun, a crisp winter's day.
But loads of you hardy folk came out prepared for the weather and to buy buttons, for which I thank you all muchly, without you it would have been cold, wet, and....boring. And while I'm thanking people, I'd better say a quick thanks to my mates in Bath - for lizzie for bringing me lunch every day, minding the stand while I went to the loo and for nikki and chris for putting me up for the whole time (and putting up with me)and cooking me lovely meals and being my personal taxi service on a lot of occasions, also minding the stand and putting up with my moans about the weather and being cold and my sick foot (see pic). Ahhh, I lurrve my friends... (no vomit sounds please, it'd ruin a lovely moment.) On the subject of my sick foot (ok, I know we weren't talking about it but I like to go on about small injuries to make them feel more important...) it's not that bad really, I just pulled a muscle or something in the sole and couldn't walk. It was like an injury that you'd get from wearing nice high heeled party shoes, but no, I got it from a pair of flat boots and a march home in the rain. But thanks to the St Johns Ambulance man who was passing by and agreed to strap it up for me. (and thanks to chris for the strong painkillers, such a bonus to be staying with doctors)
Thanks too for Kate, the lovely customer who gave me my first christmas present of the year and cheered me up no end on a miserable day. Who made me think how nice people can be and therefore I phoned up my mum to apologise for being mean to her on the phone a couple of hours earlier.
On the whole it got me into a lovely christmassy feeling, all the little chalets (the correct term apparently for garden shed) with their twinkly christmas lights. The smell of gluwein and mince pies and hot dogs and other lovely things drifting up fromonce side, lavender from the other. People wrapped up warm with bags full of lovely presents.. I sold a whole load of my button brooches for christmas presents - they do make good presents, I wish my family and friends didn't associate me so much with buttons - it's a little too much of a cliche for me to give them button related presents.
Anyhow, I am back now, to lots of exciting new things, - a shipment of Japanese Fabrics this morning - very exciting I am going to make a melly & me little kitty I will show you when it's done - and at long last the Amy Butler fabrics will be delivered hopefully sometime next week. Hurrah!
Now I need to concentrate on finding more lush papers - I'm going to have a stack where the christmas papers used to be to fill up so I'd better get cracking. Any ideas?

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