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Monday, 27 June 2011

And the winners are...

Sorry this isn't last week like I promised, but I had totally forgotten I had planned to go visit one of my best mates over in Tetbury to help her celebrate her 30th and get to know her little girl Hester (now 4 months). I remembered I was supposed to do this in the middle of a barbecue, eating homemade burgers and homemade ginger beer (which makes it sound a little like an Enid Blyton book), and it I thought you wouldn't mind if it waited a couple of days...
But back to business.
The comment number that wins the layer cake is:
who by my reckoning is: sorbetsurprise

and the winner of the jelly roll is number 29 who is: orlaworld
So if you email me with your addresses I'll get those sent out for you.

Thanks for everyone who entered - I really enjoyed reading your comments about your favourite childhood outings. It made me feel all nostalgic, some of them were really evocative.

For those who are wondering about the status of our new website - it's still coming, but I don't have a final date yet. It's taking forever, as I'm sure you know all these things do. But I am beavering away behind the scenes and I'm soooo happy with what we've got so far and can't wait for the final reveal. It will be soon, it has to be, especially as I haven't been updating the old one recently, and we have so many exciting new things to show you.
And when we do the final reveal? Watch out for a BIG giveaway. More details soon!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Oliver + S Day!

In case you missed it (and really, if you did, how could you? I was harping on about it enough!) Saturday was Oliver + S Day at the Eternal Maker. And what a great day it was!
We had an all day class making the Ice Cream Dress...
And look at some of these finished dresses - cute, huh?
No, Emily - I don't think its going to fit you. Nice try though.
And while all that was going on, we had some drop-in make and takes going on throughout the day. Here is Rachael doing some paper craft projects - we had fridge magnets with the oliver + s paper dolls, brooches, and of course, as Father's Day was on Sunday-
some sweet fathers day cards. Hmm. What clothes are they on the line? Oliver + s ones?
And while Rachael was doing that, Millie was making necklaces and earrings...
cute, huh?
oh, and check out the sweet spool dog. We were making them, too.

And while all THAT was going on, Paul and I were guiding people through making wash bags using lovely coated cotton from the Modern Workshop fabric range, and the Lazy Days Skirt.
I lost track of how many skirts we made through the day, but I'm pretty sure it has to be some sort of record. What I liked most was we had a lot of little girls in, and this skirt is so super easy that we were able to guide them through making them - for some of them it was their first time on a sewing machine!
Although the skirt pattern uses ribbon, it seemed that pompoms were the trim of the day, so with a slight adjustment of the pattern we pom-pommed everything!
Thanks everyone who came along and joined us on this great day, and thanks to oliver + s for making such good products!

Remember you still have time to enter our oliver + s giveaway - we will be drawing the winner at the end of the week, so enter now for this great prize!

Our next big day is on Saturday 23rd July, and is a celebration of organic fabrics - using fabrics from companies such as Birch Fabrics, and Cloud 9 Fabrics. More information on this nearer the time - but put the date in your diary!


Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Cape Ann Giveaway!!

So, in honour of Oliver + S day on Saturday 18th June, we have a couple of giveaways! The lovely people at Moda have sent us a layer cake and a jelly roll from the gorgeous new range from designer Liesl Gibson of Oliver + S. Now, it's not out in the UK (or even the US!) yet, but will be by the end of the year, so this is a super special sneak peek, if you win one of these, you will be one of the FIRST people to get this. Get you. Amazing. The best thing about this fabric range is that it has all the cute Oliver + S clothes printed on it. And it also has loads of super cute mini mixer prints too. Ah, I can't wait.

So, I hear you say, what do you have to do to get a chance to win this awesomeness?
You have a couple of ways to win this.

First one is to leave a comment on the blog, telling us your favourite outing you had as a child. Was it something you did often, or just one special time? And then tell us what Oliver + S outfit you think you would like to have worn there. You can see the full lines here and here. We do have all the patterns in stock here even if they're not on our website, (which we haven't updated while we are working on the new website.)

The second way you can win is by tweeting or blogging about this. So leave a comment to let me know that you've done this and you'll get a second entry!

So in the spirit of finding out information from you, I though I should share about us. Rachael says her favourite childhood outing was Marwell Zoo (and I think it still might be too) and she would have liked to have worn the school photo dress (because of its great muff pocket) made in echino fabric as is shown on our facebook page here.

I find it hard to pick my favourite childhood outing, but one of my faves was Black Gang Chine on the Isle of Wight. We seemed to go a lot but it probably wasn't as much as it seemed. I would probably actually have worn one of the boys clothes, like the sailboat top and pants, but would have secretly wanted to wear the bubble dress in something very very pink. (I was a tomboy who had a not-so-secret passion for pink.)

Anyhow. Let me know and you could win either a Layer Cake or a Jelly Roll. 2 winners will be picked at random sometime at the end of next week, which gives you about 10 days to enter.