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Monday, 15 August 2011

Ruby Star Spring

Sometimes, a range of fabrics comes along that I just fall in love with. That I have to take home and have in my life. One was Melody Miller's fab range Ruby Star Rising, which I first saw on initial drawings whilst in LA eighteen months ago (that long? how did that happen?). The pics included a few other things that didn't make it into the final range, but I instantly fell in love with Melody Miller's style, and pestered my supplier until it finally came into store. Once it came in, I immediately made a skirt out of this print.
With pockets in the ochrey/limey solid echino, it has been one of my favourite skirts ever since.
And then I heard that she was releasing another range this spring. I ordered it without even seeing it, as I knew it would be great. Then came the wait. And then finally, this arrived the afternoon before we left for festival of quilts. Ahhhhhhhh...
Of course I had to quickly whip up another skirt made out of the big bee print. Of course.
And even more exciting? We got this print before even America did. That never happens.
So, it's been to Birmingham and back, and now what's left is up online here
It's a full 62" wide, rather than your normal 44", which is extra brilliant, and also good for skirt making, as for me I am usually a little bit too *ahem*, wide for a normal half a metre, and this means no messing around with extra bits of fabric to fit around my bottom. Love it.
And i've now seen pictures of her third range... how many Melody Miller skirts do you think is too many?

As you (WandaFish!) asked to see my skirts, here they are - you'll have to excuse the awful photos, they were taken on my phone during the course of Festival of Quilts...
a bee skirt!
teacups skirt


Thursday, 4 August 2011

Penguin & Fish Day!

Just have a looky at these lovely things! Rachael has been busy making up the samples for upcoming Hand embroidery day - "Penguin & Fish Day" and aren't they scrummy!
Inspired by the people at "Penguin & Fish" Rachael's blown up the embroidery patterns to humungous size to create a beautiful hedgehog wall hanging (framed in a quilt hoop) and a fantastically, seventies-esque, frolicking, fox cushion.Penguin & Fish Day is running on Saturday 3rd September - and you will have the chance to make up your own giant embroideries or work on a smaller scale - what ever takes you fancy. so get in touch to reserve your kit and your class space. Or just pop by during the day for make and take projects.
Check out the special events section of our lovely new website for a sneaky preview of classes running this September - just drop us a line to book up!