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Thursday, 28 August 2008

ooohhh ribbons ooooh ooooh oooh

So, who doesn't get excited by ribbons, especially when they look like these beauties that recently came in from east of india..

oh, and these too, my job is sooo good, some of these are going in my hair I think, red on blonde, i like it.

ah, so pretty.. i love this, it's so fresh looking, kinda scandinavian. I love that look.

oh, and these love birds, - imagine all the things you could make based around these tweets.

no, don't laugh at me. I just love ribbon, ok? I have saved ribbons from things all my life. I often wear in my hair a flourescent pink liberty ribbon from a present a friend gave - not even to me. I used to cry when I cut the ribbon scraps at my saturday job in a fabric shop in town as a teenager *why do they have to be cut short, i cried, keep them long, and free...* Maybe those tears weren't running down my face, but they should have been (what with that and some of the fabric monstrosities they had there) (and the fact that back then I seemed to buy anything with sequins. I wanted to be some kind of disco queen. This was the NINETIES, too.)
I love ribbon. I should stop here, before I disclose anything too embarrassing.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

A momentary derailing

So here is the promised update on the flat above the shop.
hahahahahhaaaahaaaahhahahahaha. Excuse me while I laugh hysterically. Everything was going smoothly, floors were coming up. walls were being stripped, smell was (mostly) being dispersed. And then, on that fateful day we packed up and left for Festival of Quilts, our man who does, did one, and decided to go on a bender.
And then nothing...

Nothing. I want you to be hearing the wind whistling, the birds are silent, the children have gone away, all is quiet...

I want you to be hearing the sound of tumbleweed rolling through a wild west town just minutes before a shoot-out.

But don't worry - ha - I panicked you there, didn't I? It's ok - we got another man who can and all is back on schedule, IT WILL ALL BE OKAY

If I tell myself that enough times it'll be true...

Friday, 22 August 2008

The sinister penguins

It seemed like I told so many people at the Festival of Quilts that these Kokka penguins were somewhat sinister, that I thought I should make a card to celebrate the fact. Ok, so I was bored after work, that weird boredom where you really should just go home, but to motivate yourself to lock up and turn out the lights, get yourself home.. well, just a little too much without a little relaxation with fabric.
I do think these penguins look sinister. Many people at the show looked at me strangely when I said that, but I hold to my words. It's all in the eyes. Despite this, however, it doesn't stop me loving them far more than you should love fabric. I would love to upholster some stools in this for a kitchen - mind you, I say that about most Kokka fabrics.
Someone at the show said they looked like penguin books, with the orange. I thought about making a card that was somehow inspired by that, but decided that was someone elses inspiration, not mine. So this is mine. I know who I'm going to give it to, and no matter what any of you say about this card, I know she'll love it.

Monday, 18 August 2008

The Bubble Bag

The other day I finally found time to get into town - you know what it's like, life passes you by, you find time to go visiting in other towns - hey, even countries - but getting into your own town centre, well, you just never really find the time. But get in I did. Boy has Chichester changed. All the high street shops are represented, and there are a lot of nice boutiquey shops too. When I was growing up all it had was building societies and old ladies shoe shops - you know the kind where not even old ladies like them? It was great for a teenager trying to express herself through fashion. Charity shops weren't a fashion choice, they were a necessity (however that brown safari jacket I wore to my record of achievement evening was maybe not a necessity, maybe just a bad choice)
I am rapidly veering off point here, as tends to happen, so bringing myself back to the point I will tell you my discoveries and hence my thought processes:
1. I don't like high street fashion
2. I can't afford boutiquey fashion
3. I should make my own clothes more... from scratch rather than the usual buying/cutting/sewing/cutting again/ sewing/ wearing holey/people laughing look.
4. Where shll I start...
5. Hmmm, time...
6. okay, a bag. That'll take less time until I have my office/studio upstairs where I can lay it all out and do it properly, rather than ending up with something that looks like a straitjacket.
7. nope.. can't think of a seven.

So I went into accessorize, and saw this cute little clutch bag, or rather I thought it was a clutch, until I opened it and saw it's cool chain handle... lightbulb moment. Our jewellery making chain doesn't have to be just jewellery... hmmm. So I rushed home (or rather, walked slowly, it was one of those rare sunny days) and dug out this lovely Michael Miller fabric which has just been itching to be used, and made the bubble bag. so named for it's puffy tendency, like all the bubble skirts that are around at the moment (which I am NOT a fan of, by the way). I could call it the eighties puffball I guess, but the bubble bag it is.
I embellished the fabric with black beads and sequins, subtle, but twinkly.

Overall, I am pretty pleased. Now I just need to find somewhere to use it.


Friday, 15 August 2008

The Eternal Maker Class List - Autumn Term 2008

For all those on our mailing list, the class list should either be winging it's way to you as I write, or you should (if I am organised) already have it. For those not on our mailing list, here it is:

Saturday, 23rd August Cards for Men 10 – 12.30 Amanda Fowler £12
You will make 3 cards to amaze those special men in your life.

Saturday, 23rd August Cards for Children 1.30 – 4pm Amanda Fowler £12.50
4 cards to wow and amaze. A magic card that colours the image before your very eyes, a squashy water filled card, a never ending card and even an elephant! Fantastic fun!

Saturday, 6th September Mini Album 10 – 12.30pm Debs Winrow £16
Join Debs for a morning of scrapping to create this fabulous mini-album.

Monday 8th Sept 10.30 – 1pm Felt flower embellishments with Amanda Fowler £15
2 – 4.30 pm Felt flower embellishments with Amanda £15 (Repeat of the morning class)

Thursday 11th September 10.30 – 1pm Introduction to Floral Punch Jane Gill £15
2 – 4.30pm Introduction to Floral Punch Craft Jane Gill £15 (repeat of morning class)

Saturday 13th September 10.30 – 1pm Embroidered Covered Buttons with Sue Allan £15
2 – 4.30pm Covered buttons with Sue Allan £15 (repeat of the morning class)

Saturday 20th September Bag of Cards 10 – 12.30pm Amanda Fowler £12.50
make 6 quick & stylish cards with a card ‘handbag’ to store them in
Bag of Cards 1.30 – 4pm Amanda Fowler £12.50 (A repeat of this morning’s class)

Saturday 20th September 2pm onwards Make and Take Button Bracelet £3

Monday 22nd September 10.30 – 4pm ‘Real’ Decoupage Amanda Fowler £25
Rediscover the art of decoupage. You will decorate a beautiful wooden box. Lunch included.

4th Tuesday in September, October, November but NOT December 10 – 5pm
Come and use our new Papercraft Classroom. Cost : £2.50 per session (morning or afternoon) to include coffee. No need to book, just turn up. Use our equipment or bring your own.

Wednesday 24th September 10 .30 – 1pm More Floral Punch with Jane £15
You’ve learnt the basics, now learn more complicated techniques.
2 – 4.30pm More Floral Punch Craft with Jane Gill £15 (A repeat of this morning’s class)

Thursday 25th September Block of the Month – a 9-block lap quilt created especially for us.
Part 1 - Tumbling Blocks
Parts 2 – 23rd October - Basket weave
Part 3 - 20th November - Log cabin
Parts 4 – 9 in 2009.
Each class runs from 10.30 – 4pm and includes lunch. Machines are provided but if you prefer to bring your own machine please do. Fabrics for the blocks, sashing, binding and backing, wadding, etc are all included in the class price of £240. Deposit: £80 to cover all Materials and Part 1. £20 per session thereafter.
To provide your own materials – Deposit £20 and £20 per session thereafter (total £180)
Part 1. Material choosing time! Choose 10 fat quarters, sashing, binding and backing from any of the shop fabrics
Friday 26th September 10 – 1pm Button Jewellery with Anna £10
Button necklace, bracelet & brooch from a ButtonCompany theme bag. A basic skills session - repeat of the class in Spring.
Saturday 27th September 10.30 – 4pm Create a Sock Monkey with Sue Allan £22

Saturday 27th September 10 – 1pm Beginner’s beading with Gwen Ryan £14
Learn basic skills to create a simple necklace and earrings.
Thursday 2nd October 10 – 2pm Circle Album with Anna £12.50
Thursday evenings 2nd & 9th October: 2 – part class Christmas Gifts 6 – 8.30 with Amanda Fowler £25
start work on a card keeper to be completed in Part 2. In Part 2 you will make a stamped candle, Christmas bags and complete your card keeper.
Friday 3rd October 10 – Is it a card holder or cake frill or both? Anne Rice £12

1st Friday in October, November and December 10 – 5pm
Come and use our new Beading Room. Cost £2.50 per session (morning or afternoon) to include coffee. No need to book, just turn up. Use our equipment or bring your own.

Saturday 4th October 10 – 12.30: 4 Christmas cards with Amanda Fowler £12.50
1.30 – 4.00: 4 Christmas Cards with Amanda Fowler £12.50 (A repeat of this morning’s class)
Monday 6th October 10.00-4.30pm Quilter’s Pail with Mandy Shaw £30
Saturday 11th October 10 – 12.30 Christmas Cards Stamping Caz £14
1.30 – 4pm Christmas Cards Stamping Caz £14 (A repeat of this morning’s class)
Saturday 11th October 10 – 2pm Part 1 of 3 part class Beginner’s Quilting with Sandy Bower £40 for whole course Parts 2 and 3 , 8th November and 13th December
Monday, 13th October 10.30 – 4pm Stationery Box with Amanda Fowler £24
a Stationery Box that can store cards, tags, stamps, a pen and a note book. You will also make the cards, tags and note book to store inside

2nd Tuesday in October, November and December 10 – 5pm. Come and use our new Fabric Classroom. Cost : £2.50 per session (morning or afternoon) to include coffee. No need to book, just turn up. Use our equipment or bring your own.

Wednesday 15th October 10.30-4.00pm Silk Paper Making with Jackie Brown £23
Thursday 16th October 10 – 12.30pm Introduction to ATC's with Rosie Morgan £12.50

Friday 17th October 2 – 4.30: 3-D Cards with Anna diorama cards and more £7
Saturday 18th October 10 – 1pm Beading with Gwen £15
Saturday 18th October 2 – 4.30pm 3-D Cards with Anna £7 diorama cards and more
Wednesday 22nd October 10.30 – 4pm Basic Felt Making with Jackie Brown £23

Sat 25th October 10.00 – 12.30pm ‘Black & White with a touch of colour’ stamping with Kim Reygate £14
1.30 – 4pm ‘Black & White with a touch of colour’ Kim Reygate £14 (rpt of the morning class)
Saturday 25th October . 10.30 – 4pm Felted Fabric Panel Part 1 of a 2 part class with Sue Allan. £48 for both parts

Part 2 Saturday 1st November . Use the felted panel to create an exquisite clasp purse.
Saturday 25th October 10.30 – 12 Cricut Demo with Corinne Amos.
Saturday 25th October 2 – 4pm A repeat demo
Saturday 1st November 10 – 12.30pm Introduction to ATCs with Rosie Morgan £12.50
Monday 3rd November 10.00-4.30pm Sewing Roll with Mandy Shaw £30
Wednesday 5th November 10 – 2.30pm Tag and Pocket Album with Anna £12

Thurs 6th Nov 10.30 –4pm Fabric & Card Christmas Decorations with Christine Reynolds £20
Thurs 6th Nov 10.30 – 4pm Winter Wonderland Fabric Postcards Rosemarie McLavy £20
Saturday 8th November Acetate Cards Demo 2.30 – 5pm with Anna
Monday 10th Nov 10.30-4.00pm Making your own materials with Jackie Brown £18 per part

Part 1 of a 2 part course (part 2 - 17th Nov) Use new & recycled papers & fabrics to create something entirely unique – turn your useless scraps into useful textured fabrics.
Wednesday 12th November 10 – 12.30pm Shell Button jewellery with Anna £12
Friday 14th November 10 – 4.30pm Christmas Table Centre with Anne Rice £20

Saturday 15th November 10.30 – 4pm Stamping on Candles Stamping Caz £22
Saturday 15th Nov 10.30 – 12.30pm Silk Ribbon Embroidery with Corinne Amos £10
Saturday 15th Nov 2 – 4pm Cross Stitch cards for Christmas with Corinne Amos £10
Thursday 20th Nov 10.30 –1pm Floral Punch Craft for the Festive Season with Jane Gill £15
2 – 4.30pm Festive Floral Punch Craft with Jane Gill £15 (repeat of morning class)
Friday 21st November 2 – 5pm Scrap with Charlynne Boddie £3.50
Saturday 22nd November 10 – 12.30pm Christmas Decorations with Amanda Fowler £12.50
1.30 – 4pm Christmas Decorations with Amanda Fowler £12.50 (repeat of this morning class)
Monday 24th November 10-4.30pm Christmas with Mandy £30
Friday 28th Nov 10 – 4.30pm Crazy Quilt Christmas Tree Wall Hanging with Anne Rice £20
Saturday 29th November 10 – 12.30pm More stamping with Kim Reygate £12.50
1.30 – 4pm More stamping with Kim Reygate £12.50 (Repeat of the morning’s class)
Saturday 29th November 10.30 – 12 , 2-4pm Christmas Decorations using Metal, Wire & Buttons Demo with Corinne Amos
Tuesday 2nd December 2 – 5pm Scrap with Charlynne Boddie £3.50
Saturday 6th December 10 – 12.30, 1.30-4pm Last Minute Christmas Ideas Make & Take with Debs Winrow (Price to be advised but less than £5 per item)
We are already almost fully booked for Schoolhouse January 31st 2009. £50 for a day of lessons, gorgeous food and friendship, with exoert tutors in cardmaking, stamping, patchwork & quilting, small fabric projects, floral punchcraft, felting, scrapbooking, and more!
Tutors booked so far: Jane Gill, Paula Pasquale, Corinne Amos, Carolyn Forster, Sue Allan, Mandy Shaw, Kim Reygate, Stamping Caz...
To book a place on any of these classes email:
If I have time I will try to post pictures of what'll be made... but you know what I'm like, time is not a concept I know about, it slips through my fingers like water.

Sunday, 10 August 2008


If you have been into the shop over the last year you may have noticed that there has been a little noise from the flat above in the form of some kind of euro trash music, which has varied from some frenetic beats which send your eyes jumping in your skull to the dulcet tones of someone singing along to Eye of the Tiger (not eurotrash I know but the voice singing it may have been.)
I am pleased to announce that from now on, (unless I feel a bit of Rocky coming on) those days are over. A new reign is beginning, the new kids are in town. Yup, the flat is finally ours.
Don't get too excited, it's still a little premature, the old regime have left things in a bit of a mess. When I say mess, imagine you had 12 people living in a 5 bed flat, with damp mouldy walls, all smokers, all dart players ( a LOT of holes). Imagine these people live on a diet of super noodles, coffee & vodka (judging by the leftovers in the cupboards). Imagine the smell. So it's going to take a while, definitely, to get rid of the smell, to get rid of the mould (didn't anyone learn the value of ventilation?), to knock down a few walls, to give it a lick or 2 of paint, and to open it up for business. It will add 2 extra rooms for the shop, a bead room, 2 permanent classrooms, an office for mum, and - how excited am I - an office for ME!!!
I will post pictures of the progress, it's going to be a long haul.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Festival of Quilts

Just a quickie to let you know that Sarah will be up at Festival of quilts from 14th - 17th August with ButtonCompany, and she will be taking many of our lovely fabrics, including the Japanese ones, Amy Butler, & the BRAND NEW 100% WOOLFELT THAT IS YUMMY (sorry I just had to shout that one)
That's all!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Where am I?

So you may have noticed I've not been around for a while. Don't worry, I'm ok, schoolhouse didn't do me in entirely. During the month of July I have been recovering from an op - nothing too serious, mind, don't worry, it's just kept me from doing the things I need to do, like run the shop, keep up to date with this blog (although I am sporadic at the best of times), post new products on the website, all that jazz. We've had pretty good help in the shop though, I think you'd agree if you've been in the last few weeks. We've enticed Becky back for some weekdays, as she's now in summer holiday time, we've got maggie, Charlotte, who has helped out from time to time has now joined us as permanent Saturday staff, Hermione & Sally have been brilliantly wonderful helping out when no one else could (I have the BEST customers, I defy any one to disagree with me) and my poor mum. What can I say, I think I have run her ragged. She's looked after the shop & run the wholesale side of things while me & Fiona have both been off, AND she's looked after me very well too (although her bedside manner might need some work, as the day after I got back from hospital she woke me up with a "Good, you're not dead then.") She's the one who needs a month's holiday now, but show season is coming up and she has to don her button company hat and drive around the country for the next few months. So take it easy on her will you? And if she looks a little tired, go get her a cup of coffee and next time you see me I'll give you the money for it.
And as for me, I am officially starting back, so over the next few weeks I will be seeping slowly back into your lives, like tea from a teabag, give me a little time and I'll be up to full strength. Did I really just describe myself as a teabag?
Oh dear...