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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Bank Holidays...

So I found my bluebell woods, thanks for the suggestions. In the end I went with one close to home, just outside Chichester, near Funtington.
I'll have to ask if I can show you the pics with the children in, but I was super pleased with how they came out. It felt like everything was working in my favour. The camera, the light, the children, everything. These are just the throwaway snaps I was taking to check the lighting.
the sunlight dappled through the trees made for *perfect* light. Oh my goodness.
and after the bluebells, what better than to go on to the beach?
fish and chips tastes better when eaten out of paper on the beach, surely.
this is the beach I was brought up on - just down the road from my Grandma's house.
it's pretty seaweedy today, but it's not always.
Look at the colour of that water.

So how are you spending your bank holiday weekend?


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